Bocking Church Street Primary School

Curriculum Overview

In order to develop a more creative approach to our curriculum whilst at the same time ensuring we continue to meet statutory requirements, Bocking Church Street Primary School has chosen to introduce the Edison Learning tool, Connected Curriculum, from October 2015.
The curriculum is a structured framework of Learning Units. Foundation subjects and Science are connected by theme and mapped to National Curriculum (NC) requirements at KS1 & KS2; the Early Years Foundation Stage is aligned to the Development Matters Statements and the Early Learning Goals.
Our integrated curriculum moves away from the subject-based approach allowing for an adventurous and imaginative approach to topic-based learning. By incorporating themes into subject areas and incorporating personal and learning skill development techniques, the curriculum equips children to be lifelong learners, successful not just in tests, but in their education and life beyond.
Each year group will study six Learning Units throughout the year which provide meaningful context for teaching and learning, helping to motivate and engage pupils using strategies such as role-play, drama, model-making, presentations, videos and more.
Having a topic-based approach allows children time to get under the skin of the foundation subjects and bring their learning alive. Regular visits and trips will happen regularly throughout the year to help make the learning relevant for the children and engage them in their learning.