Bocking Church Street Primary School


The school has 8 classes which comprise year groups from Reception (or Foundation) through Years 1 to 6. Children are legally entitled to a place in school at the beginning of the school year in which they are 5 years old. Depending on a child's date of birth, parents may choose to defer the start of school. Once a child has gained a place at the school, this would be held open throughout the Reception/Foundation year. The maximum number of pupils in KS1 and KS2 classes is 30. It is essential that parents apply to Essex Education Authority in the year preceding the academic year in which their child starts school. This can be done online.
Priority is given to children living in the catchment area and the majority of children admitted to Bocking Primary come from the school's catchment area. All parents, whether in the catchment area or outside it, must make application to the L.A. for a place. Outside of catchment, priority is given to siblings of pupils already in the school and straight-line distance between home and school. Whilst we do everything we can to accommodate requests, there is no guarantee of a place for children residing either within or outside the catchment area. 
For more information on catchment and admissions, including online requests, visit the Essex County Council site.
Parents are encouraged to visit the school before registering their children for admission. For pupils and parents of children due to be admitted to the Reception Class, two visits are arranged before they start school. The Headteacher and Reception Infant teacher are happy to answer any questions that parents may have regarding starting school.
We are committed to inclusion. Along with all other schools, we admit pupils with already-identified special educational needs, as well as providing for pupils not previously identified as having SEN. Pupils with existing statements of SEN or those pupils that will need special help whilst at school are treated in exactly the same way as all other pupils with regard to admission arrangements. In extenuating circumstances, medical or special needs considerations may override these criteria.