Bocking Primary School


Phonics is taught explicitly in Foundation Stage and KS1 and, where necessary, in KS2. In Key Stage 1 the children follow the phonics programme, Letters and Sounds. Letters and Sounds is a powerful teaching tool which ensures that young children will be well-placed to read and spell words with fluency and confidence by the time they reach the end of KS1.
In Year 1, most children begin to read and write one grapheme for each of the 44 phonemes. They blend and segment CVC (consonant – vowel –consonant), CCVC and CVCC words for reading and spelling and use their phonic knowledge when trying to read and write more complex words. Towards the end of year 1, the children are tested on their phonics knowledge to see if they have met the National expectation. In Year 2, children are taught to read 150 of the most frequently occurring words in English and are taught to spell many of them.