Bocking Primary School


Our whole-class, core-text approach to teaching reading is also applied to the teaching of writing. A text will frequently underpin Bocking’s cross-curricular approach and allow the children to fully explore its contents and themes through both spoken and written activities. Handwriting and Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS) are explicitly taught and the expectation is for the transference of such knowledge and skills to the children’s everyday writing, reinforced through class list of agreed ‘Non-Negotiables’.
How to support developing writers at home:
  • Encourage children to write for a purpose wherever possible e.g. shopping lists, ‘Thank you’ cards etc;
  • Ensure your child holds their pencil correctly;
  • Play simple word and spelling games when out and about, such as I Spy;
  • Be a writing model; make your child aware of an occasion when you are required to write;  
  • Remind children of spelling and grammar conventions observed in their reading books to apply in their writing.