Curriculum Overview

Attain Academy Partnership - ‘Working together towards success for all’ 


Vision and Purpose  

Attain Academy Partnership aims to provide an outstanding education for all children in all schools, relevant to the world in which they live.   We would like all members of Attain to become:

  •          Ambitious, capable learners who are resilient and independent
  •          Enterprising, creative contributors who have a real love of learning
  •          Ethical, informed citizens who value differences and inclusivity
  •          Healthy, confident individuals who contribute to a mutually supportive environment

At Bocking:

Our curriculum has been created to ensure our children are prepared for learning beyond their time at Bocking Primary. Based on the national curriculum requirements, it is inspiring and exciting and we ensure that we build on each child’s strengths and are inclusive of all learners.  Our curriculum develops our children’s essential knowledge, skills and understanding which will ensure that they are equipped for lifelong learning.

We believe that our children deserve every opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the wider world through real-life experiences and cultural enrichment. By providing a safe environment where children can grow in confidence, will enable them to become independent learners and thinkers who are proud of their achievements. Improving outcomes for all learners is fundamental to our curriculum design and implementation. Alongside this focus on academic outcomes, our curriculum is designed to develop the whole child.


Please see our Curriculum Policy for further information.